[TheThinkTank] Summer Northeast Bike Collective Documentary (i need volunteers for places I can stay and shoot)

Cris Shirley cgshirley at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 07:34:26 PST 2009

My name's Cris Shirley, I'm a student at Yale in Environmental Studies, and
I'm making documentary on bike collectives in the northeast for my senior
thesis (Environmental Studies degree).  I'm planning to start shooting at
the beginning of the summer, riding my bike to the collectives, and staying
for around a week.  I'm trying to get my contacts and schedule laid out now
so I can pack in a much over the summer as possible.  I wanted to give
collectives a heads up, and if your interested in getting filmed, or your
collective included, or if you could host me for a bit of time in town, etc.
Any references to people or places that might be good to film would be great

Also, I'm looking for some *stock footage* or stuff that's been shot on bike
collectives that I might be able to include in my documentary, so I'd like
to talk to anyone that has done any camera or audio work that might be
interested in sharing.

On that note, any *music* that has been made that works with theme of
collectives, bikes, etc would be awesome to try to include in the project.

Also, if you have any art or are an artist that would like to be included in
the project.

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