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james blesdoe jamesbleds0e at yahoo.com
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we (bike kitchen LA)  have no trailers  that belong to the kitchen but  do have  a few in our group that we have loaned form time to time  we have space constraints 
i have thought it would be a good idea if we could have a trailer program but nothing so far.
there is  a lot of trailer stuff in arcata california where the arcata bike library is 

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I'm curious how many shops loan out trailers in some form or another.

how many trailer share/rental program are there through advocacy
organization? if you have one in your area, please describe it.

If you have general ideas of how often trailers get borrowed in your
area, i'd love to hear about that too.

My impression is that a nuimber of these programs exist, but they are
under-utilized. I need more data points. help me out.

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