[TheThinkTank] insurance for mechanical work outside the shop?

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We pay an extra $50 or so annually to be covered even if off the registered
location.  Call up your insurance company.

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> howdy all.
> hope the winter season is treating you all well.
> we at community cycles in boulder are planning a series of what we've
> dubbed "rolling bike clinics", where we ride to a neighborhood park on a
> saturday, set up some stands, and start working on bikes, at no charge. kids
> generally play a big part in getting the word out and bringing bikes, and
> it's a great way to meet folks you might not have, and get the name of your
> organization out, as well as what you do, who you are,  etc.
> we've done a few of these in the past, in one neighborhood specifically.
> it's a neighborhood in which we have another established program, so we know
> a lot of the youth that live there already, and when they see us, they come
> running.
> we're wondering if insurance should be a source of concern for us. if we
> work on a bike, and a kid's riding it and gets hurt, could we be liable?
> that kind of situation. i'm not naive enough to expect full on legal advice
> from any of you, but if anyone has any experience with a similar situation,
> i'd appreciate hearing about it.
> thanks!
> josh.
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