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In addition, speak to him to teach. Isn't that why we are and what we do?
If we don't enlighten him, perhaps his readers or classmates will learn something. Some students ride their bikes anyway. Of these riders, some will certainly feel that they are alone and riding in a vacuum. This is a way for them to get involved. And for participating shops to perhaps gain new members\volunteers in to the fold. 
It is very easy to discount people because we think that we are better or more enlightened. That is snobbery and it is not prettier just because it has fewer wheels. If anything we should try to change car culture by taking up any chance for outreach that is handed to us. 
Up here in the snowy feezer of my home I hear all the time on the radio that we should not allow recessions to go to waste. This is the time that people are open to new ideas and to try new things. So let's offer alternatives (bikes to car culture). Yes that requires open-mindedness on our part. But is that so bad?

 Ride safe 


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