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Ryan Miller rmiller at cityworks.com
Thu Feb 26 11:54:51 PST 2009

Ya, continually shaking a baby can't be good. Probably a syndrome out there
for it already.


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Ryan - I don't think you're off on this subject at all! An infant too young
could easily be injured (even if not visibly) while in a trailer. I do
however think it can depend if you have a cheap trailer vs. a model with
shock absorption features etc. Also if you are on a newly paved road vs. an
older bumpy road. Continual shaking of a newborn on a bike ride is not
something I'd recommend though.

Bob - Child carriers are an absolute MUST for mom and dad to have! They have
those you've linked and also slings/mei tai are options as well. They're
great for any time you need free hands, happy babies, and hiking of course.
As far as putting it into a bike trailer for security.. I can't recommend
that as they can be unsturdy, bulky, and may not fit in properly.

I've seen dozens of parents come to the downtown farmers market with infants
in trailers under 12 months! I haven't done it myself, but have been
commuting with my toddler for a almost a full year now. I'd stick with a
Chariot for an infant and then Burley as a runner up for trailer choices.

Chariot makes a baby supporter for infants 3 -18 months.

Burley makes a baby snuggler for infants 3-12 months.

I'd chose a Britax car seat if I were to use one in a trailer.

Any of the infants I've come across in trailers are in car seats. I do
recommend waiting until your infant can sit up though which would occur
sometime between 4-7 months. There is always public transportation and
taking turns with dad staying home when going out. Trust me it goes by quick
and there is always a way!

Congratulations Shea!


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