[TheThinkTank] Thethinktank Digest, Vol 31, Issue 1

Jason Tanzman jtanzman at riseup.net
Sun Mar 1 13:03:03 PST 2009

I think a central component of the "magazine" section and resource 
library should be zines.  They are almost always local, place-specific, 
and grassroots.  There are some seriously awesome zines out there - 
about bike trailer construction, commuting, and tons more - the best 
local zine here in Minneapolis is Dames on Frames, a feminist analysis 
of the biking movement locally and globally.  Microcosm publishing has a 
great collection available for purchase (and it's super easy to set up a 
wholesale account with them).

The other suggested books are great.  I've been thinking for a while 
that our shop should set up a resource library for folks to either check 
out or use in the shop.
-Jason Tanzman
Sibley Bike Depot, St. Paul MN

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