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Hey Josh, Yeah its a spread sheet that i log all full bicycles in to. But i am not a computer person(ive only had an e-mail add. for 2yrs & iam still scared of it) it was all set up before i landed @ B.W.  I could ask more specific questions about it...
Basicly, it logs:
Size (inchs/cm)
Wheel size 
Serial number

Under wheel size i usually make a comment if its a hybrid, low bar fram and if its has steel wheels...

Our storage area is a block away from our shop, so its important to had some details before we walk customers over there. 

We do not assign a monetary value to our donations. Thats for the doner to do when they fill out there tax recipet at the time of the drop off.  We trak that with a carbon copy to the doner and the original we keep.

Oh yeah, yes i am the donald you foated the river with!!! What an epic time that was....hows life man?

Feel free to ask more questions..iam still learning and shaping my postion so we could possibly help each other.  Its good to hear that yer still up with the BICYCLES!!!  Keep up the good work old friend.
Donaldo Villarreal
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Hey Donald,

Josh here from Bike City Fayetteville, AR. I got your email off the
"parts trading" thread. I was wondering how you guys at BW physically
record your donations. Is it a spread sheet? Do you assign a monetary
value to parts for book keeping? I'm just trying to figure out how to
track and record donations-in-kind.


p.s. Did you come to arkansas one year and float the buffalo river with us?

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