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Great idea. I'm very interested to see the responses.

As for magazines, we put the word out about a year ago that we were taking
magazines. I had some ideas about the Youth program using them to make
visual aids like posters and flyers, but that never happened due to one
reason or another. As a result, we now have about 3 or 4 shelves worth of
bike magazines that are not organized and tend to flop all over and slide
off the shelf.

There's some good info in there, along with a bunch of ads, tho, so i'm
hesitant to throw them out. I've been trying to thinkof a constructive way
to use them. I'm thinking that having a volunteer/youth/Earn-a-Bike student
go thru and cut/tear out the useful information about
mechanics/riding/training is the way to go. once we have the ads removed,
and the info pared down to a reasonable stack of pages, then we can go to
work putting it all together in some kind of 3 ring binder format, maybe
sorted and organized by subject, that makes it more useful than a shelf full
of old magazines.

On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 1:34 AM, Liza Mattana <pedals2people at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hey,
> We want to build a lending library at our shop, a place where members can
> check out books and magazines. Probably it wouldn't be more than a few
> shelves worth of materials. I can see the library broken down into 3
> categories:
> Resource materials to check out: books on how to do repairs, how to plan
> for bike tours, memoirs from people who have toured on bike, how to make
> your own gear books, interesting bike reads, etc.
> Resource books, on-site only: tech manuals
> Magazines: informative (not a lot of marketing hype), and good/entertaining
> articles
> Or maybe not. Maybe not bother with magazines? Other thoughts? We have a
> good stack of books already from our volunteers, used books we've gathered
> from thrift stores mostly, but I'd like to seek funding for buying more
> books. I think we should have a few Park Big Blue Books, the Bicycle Wheel,
> and a Sutherland's for the shop.
> What other recommendations do you think are must or should haves?
> Thanks!
> Liza
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