[TheThinkTank] Policy or Process for Removing Collective Members

Macho Philipovich macho at resist.ca
Fri Mar 20 22:12:50 PDT 2009

maybe i'm misunderstanding the situation, but if people aren't following 
through on the tasks they commit to, couldn't they just be approached to 
see why, and to see if something could be arranged that works better for 
them?  you could also let them know in as non-guilt-tripping a way as 
possible that the collective is really counting on them, and that if 
they're too busy or just feel like shirking it would really benefit the 
shop for them to let someone else step in who's able to commit.

the only rule we have that gets you an immediate boot at our shop is 
physically violent behaviour.  even for stuff like fucked up 
racist/classist/sexist shit, we try our best to work it out by 
communicating, so i'm not sure i see the need for booting someone just 
for being a flake.


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