[TheThinkTank] Am I missing any great programs from my proposal?

Wendy Monroe wendy.monroe at usermail.com
Thu Mar 5 21:39:58 PST 2009

HI Bill,
I read the book about the Arcata Library Bike program... bought it  
electronically off LuLu in January.  Found it inspiring, actually.

In our case, we would be lending out three wheeled cargo trikes  ...a  
day at a time, I am thinking, rather than for weeks or months. I'm a  
little worried about them being stolen or driven into a canal.

I'm thinking that, since the potential borrowers would not have credit  
cards ( they are almost unknown in Holland, except for fairly rich  
folks) The only way to ensure the return of the bikes
without asking for a hefty cash deposit, would be to hang on to  
borrowers' passports or national ID cards.  Not very friendly... but  
I'm not sure what else to do...

Lending Trailers... that is also a good idea!   Occasionally you see  
people pulling them with their bikes.

One thing that you NEVER see in Amsterdam.... is an XtraCycle.  It  
appears to be a cultural imperative here for people to always carry  
loads in front of them.  Maybe to prevent theft?
I would like to have a bike with a Free Radical on it to lend, so  
locals can try actually riding one...  they certainly are a much less  
expensive ( and lighter!) cargo-carrying solution than a Bakfiets.

Road bikes... Around here, those appear to be primarily carbon-fiber  
midlife crisis bikes for older men in Spandex.  Steel racing bikes are  
'for English-speaking people,'  I have been told at various bike  
shops.  (???)

And... probably most bikes one sees here are one-speed with coaster  
brakes.  I hope to fix up as many donated older ones as possible and  
give them to people who don't have bikes yet.

Yes, I was also thinking of having tools available for a walk-in DIY  
repair show ( with advice)

And.. yes,, I love the Repair Manifesto too!  I want to have a copy of  
posted on the wall of the Repair area.
( Platform 21 is an artists' space here in Amsterdam.)

thanks so much, everyone!


Op Mar 6, 2009, om 2:20 AM heeft Bill Wright het volgende geschreven:

> A bike library - one that loans out bikes for everyone - serves the  
> whole stratus off the population.  Cargo bikes and commute bikes and  
> other bikes.  This works well for us a LibraryBikes.org in Arcata,  
> California.
> A bike library also provides the current bikers a chance to try  
> other types of equipment without need to purchase.  Cargo bikes for  
> one, trailers are good to, and road bike and fixed gear equipment  
> are in high demand too.
> Your bike library can have tools workstands available too.   Reuse  
> and recycling of donated bikes are the best and highest use of old  
> equipment also, and skills of everyone involved improve.  Check out  
> our how to book at www.LibraryBikes.org
> i hope you get your wishes,
> Good luck.
> Bill
> From: wendy.monroe at usermail.com
> To: jamesbleds0e at yahoo.com; thethinktank at bikecollectives.org
> Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 07:27:47 +0100
> Subject: [TheThinkTank] Am I missing any great programs from my  
> proposal?
> Op Mar 5, 2009, om 2:22 AM heeft jamesbleds0e at yahoo.com het volgende  
> geschreven:
> beer and pizza...get some tools..find a corner...and invite folks  
> into...eat the pizza you make ...they bring the beer and their  
> bikes..to work on..do it once a week...and before you know it
> Thanks James,  Totally,  That's how I would do it if I were still  
> living in Berkeley... the situation in Holland is like a bizarro  
> parallel universe, however... they have Money here!
> HOwever, the people I hope to attract to the program are likely to  
> be Muslim, and could be offended if I offer them beer.
> Here is the situation:
> The City of Amsterdam wants me to write a wish list for the  
> community bike center, and is apparently willing to fund it with  
> thousands of euros.  They are a little annoyed that I haven't  
> presented them with a budget yet..  but I am taking the time to  
> craft a program that will likely be a winner, so other similar  
> programs will be requested by other cities across Holland....
> If this happens, I hope you Think Tankers will consider coming to  
> Holland to check out the situation... some of you will be needed  
> here.  (Jason? Hello?)
> The Neighborhood Think Tank is asking me.. 'What activities do you  
> want to do?' and 'What groups in the community do you propose to  
> serve?'
> I want to make good use of any resources I get,... American-style  
> Community bike programs in Holland are completely unknown, and  
> successful programs to get immigrants on bikes here are very likely  
> to be funded, as there is a lot of money riding on this issue in  
> Holland.
> The Dutch government spends €60 million a year STUDYING THE PROBLEM  
> as to why the Moroccan immigrants here prefer to ride public  
> transportation over riding bikes.
> Please Help me out, guys..  these are the programs I have proposed  
> so far:
> Earn-a-bike
> Bike Library ( free short-term loan of cargo trikes )
> Recreational bike rides arranged for immigrant mothers and kids, in  
> which everyone gets to keep their bikes afterwards.
> Does anyone have a suggestion for additional programs?  ( am I  
> missing any obvious ones, in other words?)
> Thank you!
> Wendy Monroe
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