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Hi Chris,
Are you the Chris Wells that works for STERIS?

On 3/24/11 12:44 PM, Chris Wells wrote:
> Hi Geoff,
> Check out http://www.wike.ca they are an internet only bicycle trailer 
> company out of Guelph Ontario. They have some nice simple no-weld 
> cargo trailer kits (along with an array of pre-built trailers). Not 
> the cheapest but very good quality and service. They are also open to 
> negotiating bulk purchases of their hitches, tube joints and wheels. I 
> personally purchased their cargo kit and their canoe trailer and have 
> been very happy. Buy the metal tubing and good quality nuts & bolts 
> locally in bulk and I'm guessing you could get the costs down to 
> the $100-$150 range.
> Chris Wells
> (Email Handler & one of many Volunteer Head Mechanics & former 
> resident of Winnipeg)
> re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op
> 473 Bronson Ave. Ottawa
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> info at re-cycles.ca
> http://www.re-cycles.ca/
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> *From:* Geoff Heath <mech at thewrench.ca>
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> *Subject:* [TheThinkTank] Bike Trailer & teaching skills workshops
> Hey folks
> Geoff from Bike Dump & The WRENCH up here in Winnipeg.
> We're organizing a summer workshop series and 2 of the requested 
> topics are trailers and teaching skills for in the shop.  So I was 
> wondering if anyone had done workshops on these topics and could share 
> their materials/experience.
> Is it even really feasible to do a trailer workshop in one day given 
> that most designs involve substantial cutting, welding, etc?
> Also, does anyone have notes from the "HOW TO TEACH HANDS OFF"  
> Workshop at last year's Bikebike?  it ain't up on the wiki sadly.
> Thanks!
> Geoff
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