[TheThinkTank] Bike! Bike! 2011 - San Marcos, Texas - June 23 - 26

San Marcos Community Bike Project smbikeproject at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 18:46:13 PDT 2011

Hey everybody!

Here's your official electronic invitation to Bike! Bike!

It will be held June 23 - 26, 2011 in San Marcos, Texas.

Hosted by The Bike Cave (thebikecave.org) and the San Marcos Community Bike
Project (bikesanmarcos.blogspot.com) with lots of support from Austin's
Yellow Bike Project (austinyellowbike.org).

Visit the website at bikebike.org for more info!

We've mailed out a few hundred posters and invites (a few have been returned
to sender), so hopefully your project has gotten theirs. If not, let us know
(bikebike2011 at gmail.com) and we'll mail yall one.

And if anyone has questions or concerns or IDEAS, let us know at
bikebike2011 at gmail.com


-Bike! Bike! planning committee
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