[TheThinkTank] Bike Pirates Anniversary

Ainsley Naylor needleandthread at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 06:44:09 PDT 2011

Five years ago Bike Pirates opened as a small, bare-bones DIY workspace in a
storefront on Bathurst Street. We have grown so much and helped so many
people in the past five years, we should be extremely proud of ourselves. We
are always working to improve our space, our knowledge and our impact on the
community, and we wouldn't have evolved into what we are now (and what we
are envisioning for our future) without the help, experience and patience of
all of our volunteers.

To anyone who has volunteered with Pirates over the years, and to all of the
bicycles and riders we have helped, congratulations on five years of good

We also value the insight and amazing talents of all of the folks we have
met and shared ideas with here on the thinktank and each year at Bike!Bike!
We are awed by the amazing work you do, and the myriad ways we are all able
to strive for the same goals. Thank you for providing us with this amazing
community of support, and for inspiration of the past five years.

Xo Bike Pirates.
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