[TheThinkTank] Dreams For Kid's "Street Dreams" Program

Eric Kufta eric.kufta at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 08:37:58 PDT 2011

Good Morning,

Dreams For Kids is biking across America to raise awareness for the growing
epidemic of youth homelessness. Our Street Dreams Campaign” will send one
passionate man, Alex Petrou, cycling across the country to increase
awareness for the 1.5 million children currently living in poverty in the
U.S. He will ride from Los Angeles to New York in two months, sleeping in
homeless shelters and stopping at bicycle collectives, schools and
universities to educate the country on the increasing number of homeless
youth in the U.S.

We are looking to partner with bicycle collectives due to your unrelenting
support for sustainable, educational and egalitarian programs. Our aligning
interest and values are present in both Dreams For Kid’s and bicycle
collectives’ passion to empower, sustain and take responsibility for the
future human condition.

Homelessness is a product of the way cities, administration and individual
lives are structured. We have chosen to partner with the cycling community
because it aims at disrupting these habitual attitudes towards
transportation and customary routines. We believe this can consequently lead
individuals out of homelessness.

We have contacted you to invite you to participate in our Street Dreams
project through various different avenues.  The simplest way to get involved
is to call us at 231-557-9422. We would love to hear more about your
organization and how you could potentially get involved in the Street Dreams

Here are a few ways you and your organization can get involved with the
Street Dreams Project;

1.  Provide Alex a place to stay while he is travelling across the country.
A place to stay has not been secured in a majority of the 52 cities Alex is
staying in. Offer your couch to Alex and keep him from sleeping outside!
Attached is a list of cities he is staying in with dates.

2.  Put us in touch with others affiliated with your organization. Simply
forwarding this information to individuals who are passionate about our
values can be extremely powerful.

3.   “Like” Street Dreams Project on *Facebook*:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Street-Dreams-Project/152908178113999  and *
Follow* @StreetDreamsPro on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/StreetDreamsPro

4.   Sign the petition at http://www.streetdreamsproject.com/ to pledge your
support of the campaign.

5.    Host a community event. Alex would be thrilled to come to your shop to
hear about what you are doing to promote your passion and vision as well as
speak on the Street Dreams Project.

 6.  Alex would be happy to just come in for a chat if you are available.
Check his riding schedule attached, reply back to this email address or
call 231-557-9422 for more info.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note and I appreciate any time
you can take to circle back. I am available by phone anytime to speak with
you about what your organization is doing as well as how we could
potentially partner to advance our goals.

Eric Kufta
Project Manager
Dreams For Kids
www.DreamsForKids.org/dc <http://www.dreamsforkids.org/dc>
926 N St., Studio 3
Washington, DC 20001
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