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Sorry, I was recalling this from memory after talking to a staff member from a shop (possibly not re-cycles) at Bike!Bike! in Toronto. I thought I recalled him saying that they were based in Ottawa and began on campus in the mid 90s and his position was paid by the university or SU. I may have confused the city and coop.

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> On 28-Jul-11, at 1:38 PM, Godwin ! wrote:
> > reCycles in Ottawa, they've been around since 1994 and have staffing  
> > resources that are funded by the university.
> Sorry, that is incorrect, as re-Cycles has been pretty much self- 
> sustaining since 2001.  Before 2000 we were under various guises  
> operating out of donated space since starting in early '97. Until last  
> year we did have a tools and supplies donor budget with MEC, but that  
> was it in terms of help. No university or other entity has ever given  
> us staffing money.
> We indeed had some help from Carleton University, in that we became a  
> working group of OPIRG-Carleton (because they were incorporated and  
> had a Board) so that we could secure a Trillium Foundation grant to  
> get us on our way by securing a rented space. The grant went to the  
> PIRG, who then disbursed it to us. But we had our own bank account  
> from the start (though we had to fight for that) and they left us  
> blissfully alone.  So aside from a one-time donation of (I think) $500  
> from them a decade a ago we've been looking after ourselves. And happy  
> for it!  Grant applications - yecchhh...
> Mark Rehder - Coordinator
> re-Cycles Community Bike Shop
> http://re-cycles.ca
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