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            Several of you have asked for a definition of "evidenced based
programs."  Please refer to the link listed below.  


            Also below is part of a response I received from Charles


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"To answer your first question, I tend toward "research-based" youth
programs, which imply the same scientific rigor as "evidence-based"
programs, but encompass a wider range of definitions of evidence and
scientific methods. Evidence-based usually connotes the attempt to reproduce
intervention outcomes to the same truth standards as the physical sciences.
I find much quantitative evidence in the social sciences to be questionable
because the researcher has neglected to scrutinize his or her own bias
sufficiently in creating the experimental design.

I would consider some of the work done in bicycle programs in Seattle,
Eugene, Indianapolis, and Boston, for example, to be research-based. But if
you know of educational bicycle/mentoring programs that consider themselves
evidence-based, I would very much like to know about them. The "production
school"-type institution I'd like to help create would be strongly
research-based, and I'm working on a proposal to a research foundation to
create such a venture." Charles Hammond


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