[TheThinkTank] Step-by-step Mechanic Lessons Request

ryanguzy at gmail.com ryanguzy at gmail.com
Thu May 26 10:26:37 PDT 2011

We've got step by step handouts for our maintenance classes. I'll send  
links to the google docs later today or tonight. These could also go up on  
the Wiki, I haven't looked into it yet though.

Ryan Guzy
Bike Saviours Collective
Tempe, AZ

On , John Barrett <Jonny at goodlifebikes.ca> wrote:
> Hi,

> Does anyone have documents for step-by-step individual mechanical

> tasks (IE rear derailleur adjustment). We want to make individual

> instruction sheets to have available in the shop so that it's really

> simple for folks to learn on their own.

> I realize this sort of thing is widely available through many books

> and the Internet, but it would be great if there's an already

> formatted doc available.

> Thanks!

> --

> John Barrett

> The Good Life Community Bicycle Shop / Two Wheel View - Calgary / The

> Organic Saskatoon & Iron Orchard

> jonny at goodlifebikes.ca

> 403.619.2648

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