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joshua muir muirjoshua at gmail.com
Wed May 4 21:14:45 PDT 2011

We don't allow any arasol products at our space for the most part- i hide
the wd-40 or give it away.  We get all ginds of stuff unstuck and don't miss
that nasty stuff one bit. (particularly the liquid wrench)


On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 7:34 PM, Mark Rehder <mark at re-cycles.ca> wrote:

> I'd certainly like to hear about other experiences with this stuff. If our
> group can afford it on an ongoing basis I'd love to get away from the
> petrochemicals as much as possible. Our shop always has that grease smell,
> which is mainly coming from the rags that are hung to dry. (And right now
> those rags are just going into general garbage when they're done.)
> That said, we use Liquid Wrench to unstick stuff, and while it's a tad
> nasty-smelling it really does an excellent job of unsticking seized cups,
> etc., especially if left to sit overnight or for a few days. Finding a
> plant-based solution to that may be harder, though granted we use very
> little LW compared to chain lube (we actually use winter-weight chainsaw
> oil) and bearing grease.
> Mark Rehder - Coordinator
> re-Cycles Community Bike Shop
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> On 4-May-11, at 10:13 PM, joshua muir wrote:
>  At the Bike Church, as Ann said earlier- we've used the bio-lube for
>> years- used to get it from Troy Boone who "invented it".  We've often
>> speculated that it is similar to bio-diesel.  It is much less smelly, and
>> works well.  slight gumminess, but not bad.  The stuff's not cheap, and
>> we've considered investigating further with the local "green station"
>> biodiesel producer to compare notes-
>> josh
>> On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 5:59 PM, Beth & Josh Goran <
>> crookedriverrecyclery at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Phil Bio-Lube and Pedro's ChainJ come to mind, if you've not tried them
>> already. Both are chain lubes. I wouldn't say that either of them are the
>> best chain lube I've ever used, but they do okay and are both biodegradable,
>> if memory serves.
>> Certainly different plant-based oils have very different properties. Flax
>> (linseed) oil for example is known to be a highly polymerizing oil, which is
>> why it's used in paints and the like. Good to season a cast-iron skillet,
>> too, but such properties may be either helpful or harmful for different
>> uses.
>> I'd be curious to see how butter. ghee (clarified butter, doesn't need
>> refrigeration [especially as a lube!] so wouldn't get so funky as butter),
>> or coconut oil might hold up as chain lube...the solid oils don't oxidize
>> and gum up in the same ways that something like olive oil does, and
>> therefore might work better. Refining oils can also change things
>> dramatically. For the worse in food, but might be for the better in this
>> case.
>> Josh
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>> Crooked River Recyclery
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