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Charles I would like to see what a production school looks like in the curriculum. Andy I found this 2002 United States Department of Education PDF on two veins of EB education.  http://ies.ed.gov/director/pdf/2002_10.pdf In a nut shell they found it had both measurable and immeasurable components. The report uses the words Empirical Evidence and Professional Wisdom to encompass the whole idea of education. They explain both are needed to create and effective learning environment/experience. I hope this is of some help

What Works Clearinghouse is at: http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/wwc/ This is what the government things is good.

            Severalof you have asked for a definition of “evidenced based programs.” Please refer to the link listed below.  
            Alsobelow is part of a response I received from Charles Hammond.
“To answer your first question, I tend toward"research-based" youth programs, which imply the same scientificrigor as "evidence-based" programs, but encompass a wider range ofdefinitions of evidence and scientific methods. Evidence-based usually connotesthe attempt to reproduce intervention outcomes to the same truth standards asthe physical sciences. I find much quantitative evidence in the social sciencesto be questionable because the researcher has neglected to scrutinize his orher own bias sufficiently in creating the experimental design.

I would consider some of the work done in bicycle programs in Seattle, Eugene,Indianapolis,and Boston, for example,to be research-based. But if you know of educational bicycle/mentoring programsthat consider themselves evidence-based, I would very much like to know aboutthem. The "production school"-type institution I'd like to helpcreate would be strongly research-based, and I'm working on a proposal to a researchfoundation to create such a venture.” Charles Hammond

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