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Tue Jul 24 09:55:46 PDT 2012

Okay y'all, here's the deal.


We're in the running for a $5,000 vote based grant. If we get it, we're 
giving away 100 re-cycled bikes along with lights, patch kits, and a 
basic maintenance class. We're teaming up with our local advocacy group 
( www.bikeasy.org )for the selection process to make sure it goes to the 
needy and underserved of New Orleans. We have been fluctuating between 
#1 and #4 out of 115 entries. The grant is supposed to be for "Social 
justice in the outdoors". Not to shit talk, but currently in first place 
is "The Epitome Project", which is noble, BUT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE 
OUTDOORS. I really don't mind if the garden project or the rock climbing 
project win, but the fact that project to fund musicians on the other 
side of the planet is in a dead heat with projects that do work with 
much larger local impact (and actually fit the grant competition 
category) is a little bothersome.

Could you vote for us (or whoever you think will do the most good with 
the money?) The easiest way is with facebook. Doing it with email is 
fine too, but you have to confirm your vote afterwards.

Here's the link again. http://outdoors.maker.good.is/projects/bikeproject

Their website can be a little sluggish at times. Please be patient.

Also, if you could spread the word, I'd really, really love y'all for 
it! Just cut and paste on your Facebook platform!

See you at BikeBikeX in New Orleans 2013!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for reading this!!!!

Victor Pizarro
Project Organizer
Plan B, The New Orleans Community Bike Project

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