[TheThinkTank] The Alliance is hiring

Mary Lauran Hall mlhall at peoplepoweredmovement.org
Fri Jun 14 11:56:51 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I'm excited to announce that the Alliance is hiring a Member Services

Yes, really!

When we first found out that Mike Samuelson, our current Member Services
guru, was going to grad school in August, we were like...

And I was all...

But we all recognize that it'll be a rad new adventure for him.

Really, we're happy that he's heading off for an exciting new chapter. So
now, we're on the lookout for somebody great.

Someone who is excited to assist state and local leaders in making
communities and states better and safer places to walk...

...and to bike.

If this sounds like a great opportunity,

...then come work with us! Our office is pretty fun.

View the full position description and instructions for applying here.


Mary Lauran Hall
Communications Manager
Alliance for Biking & Walking
mlhall at peoplepoweredmovement.org
(202) 642 - 6617

P.O. Box 65150
Washington, DC 20035

*We've got big plans for 2013. Join or
the Alliance today!*
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