[TheThinkTank] Bikes Not Bombs - Hiring International Programs Coordinator

David Branigan david at bikesnotbombs.org
Fri Jun 21 12:20:13 PDT 2013

Hi Everyone,

Bikes Not Bombs is now hiring for a new full-time position, the
International Programs Coordinator.  I'm contacting you to ask for your
support in sharing this job ad with your extended network to help us find a
pool of excellent candidates for the position.

Here is a brief overview of the position:
The International Programs Coordinator will work closely with the
International Programs Director at our Boston office, and will be primarily
responsible for coordinating technical assistance and support to Bikes Not
Bombs international partners in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.
This position includes extensive cross-cultural communication, relationship
building, training and facilitation, management of project monitoring
systems, container loading logistics organizing and some international

The application process is rolling, and we aim to hire by September 1st -
October 15th.

Please consider posting the link to this job ad on your social media and
related email lists, and also sending it directly to people you know that
may be interested to apply.

Thank you so much for your support!


David Branigan
International Programs Director

617-522-0222 x103


Bikes Not Bombs promotes bicycle technology as a concrete alternative to
war and environmental destruction. For 28 years, BNB has been a nexus of
bike recycling and community empowerment both in lower income neighborhoods
of Boston and in the nations of the Global South. BNB's programs involve
young people and adults in mutually respectful leadership development and
environmental stewardship, while recycling 6,000 bicycles annually.
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