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We are Recycle Bikes for Kids, chosen because we think it best told who we wanted to be. We have since branched out to include a more community view but the name stays because kids are our main focus. 

Still love the name even though it is often shortened to Bikes for Kids. 
Much like naming your child you have to consider what it might be shortened to, what it rhymes with or even what acronym it produces  
Good luck. I look forward to seeing your decision

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On Jun 14, 2013, at 12:22 PM, Matthew VanSlyke <vanslyke.matthew at gmail.com> wrote:

> Plans are progressing nicely here in the Empire State and if all goes well we'll be opening a new community bike shop here in Utica, NY very soon. 
> As you all know, there are many, many details and decisions to be made. One of these early decisions is choosing the right name. We've bounced around several ideas and I'm trying to come up with something that jumps out at me but so far that hasn't happened. 
> So I thought I'd put it out to this group and ask that you share some ideas about how you came to be "who" you are.
> Did you:
> Pick names from a hat? 
> Throw darts at a wall? 
> Take a vote? 
> Go with your gut and use the first name that came to mind?
> And, do you now regret the name you chose for any reason? Did you end up changing the name? If so, why?
> I'd like to hear from you. Thanks a bunch.
> Matt VanSlyke
> _______ Bike __________ 
> Utica, NY
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