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new tires can really smell bad 
we use simple green to clean things 
and tend to not allow spray cans 
what is the source of your bad smells?

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Our shop has plenty of air flow year round, so smell hasn't been an issue. Luckily it doesn't get that cold here.

What is the source of the smell? Do you need to contain your degreaser more tightly or scale back the use of toxic chemicals and aerosols? Is it time to have a chat with some of the mechanics and volunteers about personal hygiene?

Bicycles shouldn't smell bad. Commercial bike shops don't generally have an odor issue. What's different about your shop?


From: Mark Rehder <mark at re-cycles.ca>

Hi all,

During the warmer months we
 have a few doors open so the stink in our shop is not so bad, but when all sealed up during our cold winters it's not ideal.  We've thought about a large filter unit, and it has also been suggested to use a large exhaust fan, though that would also waste heat.

How does your shop deal with this?  


Mark Rehder - Coordinator
re-Cycles Community Bike Shop

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