[TheThinkTank] The Bridge City Bicycle Co-op needs your help to win $50, 000! - JUST $1 HELPS!

Adam Worobec adam.worobec at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 20:12:49 PST 2014

Dear Bike Shop/Co-op friends around the world,

The BCBC has gained an incredible amount of momentum this past year, which
has recently led to becoming a finalist in the Business for Good Social
Venture Challenge
hosted by  Affinity Credit Union.

*It's on like Donkey Kong!*  - We’re looking for as many people as possible
to donate to our crowdfunding campaign (Check out our proposal here
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiSLBPCTd78>!), which is open *NOW*
until  *December
8th, 2014.*

*TSN TURNING POINT!* - Based on the number of investors and amount raised,
we could receive a one-time investment of $50,000 to turn our aspirations
into a reality. Seriously, our board is so excited right now - we don’t
even know what to do with ourselves. This is a HUGE opportunity, and we
need your help!

*Here’s what you can do to help:*

   - *DONATE* to our campaign. EVEN $1 HELPS, because it's not just about
   total dollars raised, it's about # of investors.
   - *SPREAD THE WORLD* to others, even to request a simple $1 donation.
   Every single dollar and investor counts.
   - *SHARE - *blow this thing up on social media using the hashtags
   #b4gBCBC & #yxe.

Thanks in advance for your support!

With gratitude,

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