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Anibal Davila caffenated at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 10:51:47 PST 2014

I bring my dog to the shop most of my shifts in the summer. Here are some
positive and negative things that happened:

   - She is extremely helpful with our mentally ill patrons by putting them
   at ease.
   - She melts our grumpy alpha male patrons and turns them into cooing
   fatherly types.
   - She interacts with anyone who is socially anxious, is really happy to
   meet them, and then gives the people around them something else to talk

We had also had cases of:

   - a volunteer being allergic ( I stopped bringing the dog on the days
   that volunteer came, then they insisted i bring the dog anyways and took
   - children being scared of the dog (i leashed the dog in the back end of
   the shop, and sat with her when they wanted to get closer)
   - A man who was clearly disgusted by the presence of the dog and would
   not come into the shop until she had been leashed in the back area.

Honestly, having her in the shop is awesome, and the few negative scenarios
were individual events that were dealt with as needed.

I would advise you to have the people who would be on that shift meet the
dog, and talk about their individual concerns, and then just do it. Waivers
are an awful way to instill confidence.

Anibal, from bikeSauce in Toronto
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