[TheThinkTank] What do you do with your dirty rags?

Jonathan Morrison jonathan at bicyclecollective.org
Fri Oct 9 15:25:33 PDT 2015

It really depends on your area's environmental issues.  You have to pick
your poison.

If water pollution is the biggest concern, do not clean them or use a
service that cleans them.  If air pollution is the biggest concern, do not
burn them or use a service that burns them.  If soil pollution is the
biggest concern, do not throw them away.

For salt lake city, Utah (a desert climate with inversion issues) I would
rank our importance in this order:

1) Air
2) Water
3) Soil/Earth

So we throw them away and they sit at the local dump. If we wanted to go
the extra mile we would bring them to the hazardous waste facility at the
dump for special processing.  But without really knowing what that entails
it could be worse.  The time required to drive to the dump takes away time
from the activities defined by our mission statement.  You also don't want
the fire hazard of a pile of oily rags sitting around.
On Oct 9, 2015 1:10 PM, <dontito at videotron.ca> wrote:

> We’re looking into the disposal problem for oily and greasy rags generated
> in bike shops.
> 1.     I’d like to get an idea of the amount of this waste generated in
> different shops as a function of shop activity.
> 2.    Where do your dirty rags go?
> 3.    Some shops use commercial services that supply clean rags and
> collect and clean them after they’ve been used.   If you’re familiar with
> this kind of service do you know the cost? Do you know what sort of
> cleaning treatment they use and what happens to that effluent?
> 4.    Anybody found creative ways to detoxify this shop waste?
> Thanks!
> Donnie
> SantroVélo, Montréal
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