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Sat Oct 10 15:48:44 PDT 2015

I really like this idea!  Here are a couple of thoughts:

- I attended a couple conferences recently that I wouldn't otherwise have
been able to attend by signing up to volunteer at each conference.  Food
was included.  (I was really impressed by OSB conference; more details on
the ways they focused on equity available if you're interested)

- I was able to attend a Bici! Bici! in Southern California once because
our bike collective paid the bus fare to travel for the only two people
interested to travel all the way from Northern California.  It was a great
experience, and I still remember it years later.

- I have never been to Bike! Bike!, but I've attended a couple regional
Bici! Bici!s, because, in addition to the hardship of buying a ticket to a
faraway place, I am a person who values being able to transport myself by
bike, as I would expect some non-attendees are, and I have trouble getting
past the environmental barrier of traveling such a long distance, even for
what I know to be an amazing event with people I'd love to meet, see again,
get to know, share with, learn from.

Personally, I believe that bike collectives have grown enough to the point
where there are enough organizations that there can be a stronger focus on
cohering the regional bike bikes and the zine zine (hey, any more info
forthcoming with that?), with the centralized international bike bike
happening only once every 3-5 years in the name of giving people with low
incomes and collectives who want to send some core volunteers the time to
save up to attend, and to reduce the impact of long-distance travel on the

Angel York

On Sat, Oct 10, 2015 at 2:42 PM, erk magosh <emailmyremail at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey y'all,
> I have been throwing around ideas about travel equity after our trip to
> Mexico. For me a citizen of the US it was easy to get down there and was
> very affordable. I started thinking about why that was, and how it doesn't
> apply to everybody. Below is some suggestions that I have come up with.
> Most of these suggestions would really be up to the BikeBike hosts (Detroit
> in 2016), but the travel fund could be something we could start easily with
> donations. It is a rough draft and I'm looking for feedback (there has only
> been 5 minutes of feedback so far). Most of these ideas would take a bit of
> work, but I think it would be worth it to allow as many people to
> participate in BikeBike as possible.
> let me/us know what you think,
> erk
> BikeBike Travel Equity:
> Suggestions to Offset Inequitable Travel Cost and Barriers
> Summary: In an aim to make BikeBike more inclusive we should help address
> travel inequities. Travel can be much harder/more expensive depending on
> what side of some imaginary lines a person was born on or what system they
> have to live in. We should encourage those with privilege to help those
> with less.
> 1.    Registration: registration fees should be very malleable. Folx that
> can pay more should be encouraged to support folx that cannot.
> a.    For some participants the registration fee is very cheap for all
> the services provided, others it may be a large expense.
> 2.    Travel funds should be created ahead of time to help folx with
> Visas/other travel expenses.
> a.    Donations or excess registration fees could create these funds.
> b.    Example of need: A Mexican Citizen needs to pay $300 USD just to
> apply for a visa to the USA. If they do not get approved they do not get
> the money back. For a US citizen with steady work this might not seem like
> a huge loss, but that works out to $5,100 MEX, which could be 3 or 4 times
> a person’s monthly housing cost.
> 3.    3 meals (and snacks) a day at BikeBike.
> a.    Eatting out is by default expensive, but if you come from a country
> with an unfavorable currency exchange it is even more so. Even without that
> exchange, some people don’t have money to blow on a luxury like eating out.
> b.    This creates a bit more work, visiting BikeBikers should be
> encouraged to help cook and take any other loads off the hosts.
> c.     An alternative may be providing access to the kitchen when meals
> cannot be provided.
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