[TheThinkTank] College of Southern Idaho’s Refugee Program Seeks Assistance with Bike Repair/Instruction

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Forwarded by my Mother . . .
>From the Twin Falls, ID Times-News

TWIN FALLS — The College of Southern Idaho’s Refugee Program (
http://refugeecenter.csi.edu/contacts.asp )resettles 300 immigrants from
war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and the Democratic
Republic of the Congo each year. And despite the political controversy
surrounding immigration and refugee resettlement, donations of clothing,
household items, furniture and toys have poured in from across the state.
But the center now needs local people, its staff says.
Bicycles in all shapes and sizes have rolled in from towns such as Oakley,
Idaho Falls and Rexburg. “What the center needs are volunteers to repair
the bikes,” Reese said Thursday. “Perhaps a repair shop could come in teach
the refugees to do the repairs.
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