[TheThinkTank] Light giveaway structure (Andy Fry)

Genevieve Parker genevieve at renobikeproject.com
Wed Jun 22 13:34:56 PDT 2016

At Reno Bike Project we did public giveaways of light sets (not the best,
they were free from the DOT, but better than none). We had them available
at our community bike shop and gave them away during 2-3 hour pop-up events
in public places (bus stations, popular intersections, university campus)
with an RBP brochure and some bike safety literature.

Our only rule was that we'd only give one set away per person with their
bike (no extra sets for friends who weren't present or without seeing the
bike). We also gave a few away to people using wheelchairs, no problem. We
had a lot of success in distributing them and talking to/educating
passers-by. Unfortunately, we found out after a couple years that the front
light wasn't, in fact, bright enough to meet the NRS on bike lights at
night, and people were getting ticketed by the cops. So NDOT kind of
screwed up on that one. I digress; am attaching the survey we asked
recipients to complete in return for their lights.

Genevieve Parker
RBP Program Director
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