[TheThinkTank] Any bike co ops or cycle activists in India or Senegal ?

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One thing to think about.  Are there any mobile bike services?  If you must buy a piece of real estate, you might not be competitive.  But mobile bike repair services which come to you...not very environmental. On obe gand, the mobile people must buy gasoline, whereas you must pay rent or mortgage.
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We are two french town planning students involved in bike co ops in France (Lyon and Rennes) and currently making research for our studies on NMT (non-motorized transportation) intiatives in Senegal and India.
We have no knowledge of active co ops in these two countries and we have found some groups of cycle activists but some of you might have knowledge of more informations through travel or work experience ? 
Thanks for your answers,
(I tried to start a co op in Taiwan last year but that failed miserabily ...)
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