[TheThinkTank] Abandoned Bike Ordinance?

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Thu Jun 23 09:27:04 PDT 2016

At the Bike Co-op in Fort Collins we are responsible for housing and
recording abandoning bikes and work with the police to try to get bikes
back to their owners. Every bike that is brought in as a donation or
abandonded is logged. We cross check our database with the police and after
a certain amount of days they are released to us. We are contacted to cut
locks and remove bikes from apartment buildings, businesses, etc. You can
check out our website that tells about our program.
http://fcbikecoop.org/programs/recovered.php. There is a link to contact
the coordinator at the bottom of the page.


On Tue, Jun 21, 2016 at 8:58 AM, Jeff DeQuattro <
jdequattro at deltabikeproject.org> wrote:

> Greetings!
> Through the Delta Bike Project in Mobile, Alabama we are working with city
> leaders and the Mobile Police Department to update certain ordinances that
> have neglected to meet the needs of our city.
> One of those ordinances we seek to create is an ordinance that allows the
> City/Police to recover abandoned bicycles that have been chained up for
> some (unknown) extended amount of time. We hope that the Delta Bike Project
> could be the recipient of those bikes for inclusion into our Time is
> Money Program <http://www.deltabikeproject.org/time-is-money-program/>.
> It's also a way to clear up our very limited amount of bike parking -
> something we're also working on through various fundraisers and agreements
> of understanding to install fixit stations and bike racks.
> Are there examples from this group of ordinances in your city that allow
> public safety officials or others to recover abandoned bikes? Do you have
> examples of that language that you can share? Also, are there other similar
> ordinances that are good to accompany these?
> We are lucky to have the ear of the City Leaders and the Police
> Department, so we would be ever grateful for feedback on this issues.
> Thank you,
> Jeff
> --
> Warm regards,
> Jeff DeQuattro
> Executive Director
> Delta Bike Project
> 561 St. Francis Street
> Mobile, AL 36602
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