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MoBo Bicycle Co-op mobobicyclecoop at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 19:06:14 PDT 2017

Only keep rear cables, front are unusable for most applications. Coil them
up and they can hang on a hook or nail. The chain trick sounds even better,

Shorter lengths of housing can go in different height food containers, i.e.
6" in SunMaid raisin bin, 1ft in Pringles can. I've spent too much time
thinking about this to have not made a PVC organizer for this....


On Sep 8, 2017 1:32 PM, "Eric Brozell" <eric at bikeerie.org> wrote:

> Hello Think Tankers,
> Does anyone have a suggestion for organizing brake and shifter cables? We
> have wads of them and find it difficult to have them laid out.
> Eric Brozell
> Bike Erie BOD
> Pedal Mettle Community Bike Shop
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