[TheThinkTank] Chain tensioners anyone?

cyclista at inventati.org cyclista at inventati.org
Mon Sep 11 23:28:08 PDT 2017


What would the shipping be on these to 14850?

Also, why don't you want them? I'm thinking single speeding galore. Do 
these not work for that so well?


On 2017-09-11 23:50, Thomas Butler wrote:
> Photo and location--Austin Texas
> On Sep 11, 2017 18:37, wrote:
> This is a total shot in the dark, but if anyone has use for (up to) an
> entire box of these chain tensioners, please suggest a way for us to 
> get
> them to you. Not spring loaded, but they are brand new. direct from 
> NuVinci.
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