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Ollin envoltorio at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 13:48:05 PDT 2017


Rila Libre wants all the tires, grips and tubes. A couple bells and flowers
too if they fit :) Please let us know if they're still available and how
much money we need to send you :) also, it'd be great if you can send them
without the packaging.

Please let us know! thank you!!!

On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 4:04 PM, Rafaell Rozendo <rafaell at bicicentro.org>

> Hi all,
> Raf here from Bici Centro in Santa Barbara. We have an excess of parts
> donated by Trek and would like to share them. A list of the items is below
> with approximate quantities.
> Unfortunately, we can't ship them for free :( I will calculate shipping of
> the items for you and can provide packing supplies. We have Paypal, but
> could also take credit/debit payments towards shipping cost.
> Shipping is around $20-$40 for US and US territories and around $60-$80
> outside of US (estimate for medium size box). If anyone knows a way to save
> on shipping please share.
> If you are interested, send me your zip or city/state or province/country.
> If not, please ignore!
> -Raf
> List of items
> Item description Qty. Possible use Original price
> Clip-on handlebar flower >50 Gift for fundraiser, promo $10
> Bike bell >50 Gift for fundraiser, promo $10
> Valve caps, cute colorful ones! >50 Gift for fundraiser, promo $5
> Grips, dotted ~30 Shop, sun resistant, long wearing $20
> Grips, plain ~30 Shop, sun resistant, long wearing $20
> Tire, Bontrager 29x2.2 MTB ~30 MTB event support $35
> Cartridge, thread-on 20g >50 MTD or road ride support $4
> Tube, Bontrager 27.5x3.5-4.0 PV >50 Winter fatbike ride or event $18
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