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Geoffrey Smart bizlooptyltd at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 16:27:31 PDT 2018

We have bought several PRS 2.2 stands after having used first cheap chinese
stands then portable Park Tool stands which we still use for events or when
we have lots of volunteers.
We also have a double headed Unior stand but this is not as well made as
the PRS2.2
If you are not in a hurry look for a used PRS 2.2. We bought our first one
on Gumtree which is our local version of craigslist. It was over 15 years
old and the only sign of wear was on the rubber grips which are
replaceable. PRS2.2 are basically volunteer proof as everything is heavy
duty metal.

We bought half inch plate and had the dealer bore and counter bore the
holes by bringing in the stand as a template. This is important as one of
the 4 holes is slightly off centre so that you get correct directional
alignment if you are copying the original plates. Cost including drilling
was around $100 US and the cost of labour in Australia is higher than the

We like double headed stands as it allows experienced volunteers to
continue with a project while also assisting a less experienced volunteer
when they need advice.

Geoff Smart
Port Melbourne
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