[TheThinkTank] extra bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!

Josh Bisker jbisker at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 14:33:05 PST 2018

NYC might need these ... timeline you need to get rid if them?

Josh Bisker
New York Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op <http://bikecoop.nyc/>
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On Sat, Dec 1, 2018 at 1:51 PM breathingplanet <breathingplanet at gmail.com>

> hi all,
> Ive been mostly a lurker on this list in the past few years.    but
> chiming in now because Troy Bike Rescue needs to unload a bunch of stock,
> and we hope the ThinkTank can help!
> This is a deep storage collection that has gone through several culls over
> the years, so there is not much in there that should be scrapped. We are at
> a point now where we are not able to penetrate the backlog because of
> limited volunteers and hours, and a continual income of donations..... it
> is cramping our style - literally.
> We are located in Troy, NY about 3 hours from Montreal and NYC and 4 hours
> from Boston, and Philly....   We want to give between 50 and 100 bikes to a
> good home where they will be refurbished and used.  We would consider
> splitting the cost of a Uhaul or something if someone is  interested.  We
> are very open to suggestions of how to redistribute these.   We want to
> help fledgling projects, but if a capitalist outfit can use them, we could
> work with that too.   If an oversees distro project could use them, thats
> cool too.  Just dont want to scrap them if at all possible, and we need to
> figure this out.
> Whadda Yall think(tank)??  Thanks for any feedback.
> PS.  we also have a million wheels too.  all aluminum (most steel has been
> culled).
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> Andrew Lynn
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> Magai Arboriculture
> 518-573-7947
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