[TheThinkTank] Help! Your Drop-in Attendance Numbers Plz!

Josh Bisker jbisker at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 20:25:53 PST 2018

Heyyo! I've got to turn around a grant proposal for our DOT quick like
lightning and they want projections for the # people whom we can serve
given a couple proposed conditions. These programs will be new for us,
however, so I don't have a good baseline from which to extrapolate numbers.
But maybe you do!

Can you tell me how many folks you think you serve given something like the
following conditions (ballpark figures are fine):

   - Saturday open hours*
   - Sunday open hours**
   - Weekly pop-up repair somewhere
   - Weekly group ride
   - Weekly commuter bike train

Thank you!!!

* For us, the Saturday hours would probably be 10:30-2:30, but give me
whatever data you've got that you think is relevant
** For us, the Sunday hours would probably be 4-8, but give me whatever
data you've got that you think is relevant.
Josh Bisker
New York Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op <http://bikecoop.nyc/>
596 Acres <http://596acres.org/>
Bindlestiff Family Cirkus <http://bindlestiff.org/>
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