[TheThinkTank] Help! Your Drop-in Attendance Numbers Plz!

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John – I did not use your hours – but what you can interpolate from ours to yours  -  Ross


Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg, Pa

Shop is located in disadvantaged neighborhood


Mon 12 – 4    usually 10 people waiting outside when we open in good weather and line stays that way till close ( 30 to 40 people served )

Tues 5-8      but we stay till 9 or 10 to finish the crowd – usually 20 people waiting outside in good weather ( 40 + people served )

Sat 9-12 (limited staff in summer at shop  – guess 10 people served in summer )

But we run mobile shops on Saturdays – hence big mobile trailer ( garden shed on wheels ) goes to other disadvantaged areas and other mechanics using their personal vehicles go to separate block parties – big trailer might service 40 + people – small events 10+ -- some weekends have 4 locations running simultaneously ( hence Saturday totals might be 40 to 80 people served )


Shop numbers of walk ins drops by 50 to 70 % - but volunteers increase and we build Christmas bikes like elves on steroids ( we use a lot of half way house volunteers to build those bikes – they love it )

Plus usually a weekly class of student from an at risk school (6-8 students)

And art students come in to take stuff whenever


Walk ins average 5 a shift in the worst weather because we are free and they need bikes to get to work even in the snow


Similar to Fall


We have always counted bike given away – 1300 last year – includes bikes built by new owner, Christmas bikes built by us and bikes sent over seas

And we are trying to keep metrics of volunteer hours, repairs, bike given, etc. – but it’s tough to get a handle on because we are real free flowing

We have 40-50 key holders to the building – hence stuff happens that I can only guess at 

( I may bring in trailer loads of bikes everyday and I will find a 75 year old volunteer working with Nepalese immigrants everyday – and he never logs his hours or bikes – and obviously I cannot chew him out because his heart is the heart of what we do )

Hope this helps -  call 717-571-2008 or if you are ever in town – call and take a tour of the mess

Ross Willard



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Heyyo! I've got to turn around a grant proposal for our DOT quick like lightning and they want projections for the # people whom we can serve given a couple proposed conditions. These programs will be new for us, however, so I don't have a good baseline from which to extrapolate numbers. But maybe you do! 


Can you tell me how many folks you think you serve given something like the following conditions (ballpark figures are fine):

*	Saturday open hours*
*	Sunday open hours**
*	Weekly pop-up repair somewhere
*	Weekly group ride
*	Weekly commuter bike train

Thank you!!!


* For us, the Saturday hours would probably be 10:30-2:30, but give me whatever data you've got that you think is relevant

** For us, the Sunday hours would probably be 4-8, but give me whatever data you've got that you think is relevant.

Josh Bisker


 <http://bikecoop.nyc/> New York Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op

 <http://596acres.org/> 596 Acres

 <http://bindlestiff.org/> Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

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