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Ulick O'Beirne ulickobeirne at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 04:25:41 PDT 2018

That's great. we're in a similar position. I found getting a piece in the
local paper really worked (we got 40 bikes very quickly); also connecting
to local cycling clubs who may have old bikes (these guys usually know the
difference between rubbish and useful too). Faacebook and small videos are
good. As are public wish lists in community spaces.

In the past I've found the worst thing to be poor quality bikes getting
dropped off (even ones that are only fit for recycling), which are often of
very little value, and take more time to process. I saw one community bike
shop asks for a €10/$10 donation with each bike donated to help with its
being refurbished. This weeds out the dumpers and the money will come in
handy. And then I found that people with genuine good bikes who can't
afford the donation will come find you anyway.

hope that's of some help. Ulick

On 5 June 2018 at 03:15, Joe Spelde <jspelde at bgch.org> wrote:

> Hey all,
> I'm launching an earn-a-bike program at the Boys and Girls Club
> of Holland, and we are looking to host a bike drive to help us get enough
> bikes for the kids. I just wanted to reach out and ask if anyone has any
> advice or knowledge on running a successful bike drive.
> Also, i'd appreciate any other insight regarding earn-a-bike
> programs..I've mostly looked at "Tools for Life" as a guide thus far.
> Thanks!
> Joe Spelde
> Teen Program Assistant
> Boys and Girls Club of Holland
> e-mail: jspelde at bgch.org
> phone: (616) 392-4102 x 119
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