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Hey all,

We've had similar questions regarding liability stuff with regards to our
Youth program in Vancouver, BC

Specifically, now that we are running monthly rides as part of our team
drop in program that has previously been shop based, we have a number of
questions including:

-what is the age at which a teen can sign their own consent forms (this is
probably a BC-specific question). Some things seem to indicate 16, 18, 19.
We're not sure which age applies to this scenario

-if a teen or person of any age we know or dont know meets on on the street
and wants to join the ride and doesnt have a consent form what are the
legaliities around being on a ride in a public space and the scope of what
we are responsible for with folks riding with us?

-if someone wants to leave the ride because we are passing near their house
on our way back, when does our responsibility end?


On Fri, Aug 9, 2019 at 10:00 AM Jody Davison <jodyvick at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I'm an LCI and registered my youth courses on their website, so that
> covered my personal liability. I partnered with a Neighborhood Development
> Organization and was able to do an insurance rider added on for each season
> through them. It wasn't until my second or third year that it occured to us
> I should do a background check and we went to where they gather and screen
> my fingerprints. I had an earn a bike summer camp where 10 kids were riding
> on city streets w myself and 2 rotating volunteers for 5 days a week, ages
> 10-13. There were never any issues or inquiries.
> Noteworthy, it was a very underserved community and I did all the grant
> writing to cover the expenses, so I was able to offer camp for free, and
> provide breakfast and lunch, so I believe families were just super glad to
> have it in an environment without many other similar outlets. There may be
> far more scrutiny in other communities. I had a solid three year run
> without any issue.
> Hope that helps!
> Thanks,
> Jody Davison
> On Thu, Aug 8, 2019, 10:41 PM Cyclista Nicholas <cyclista at inventati.org>
> wrote:
>> cyclista Audrey,
>> I don't think you'd be acting responsibly unless you had background
>> checks run on any staff working directly and unsupervised with youth.
>> Exceptions might be made if parents attend along with the kids, or if
>> the environment is highly populated (in other words, no one is ever
>> alone with the kids).
>> Here in Ithaca we have an entity called the Ithaca Child Development
>> Council that performs background checks, and essentially vets people. As
>> I understand it, the ICDC then can share the information with the
>> employer, but I'm not sure the latter happens in every case. There may
>> be provisions where background data is confidential (I'd hope so).
>> You might want to look around in your community to see how the process
>> happens - who the certifying authority is, essentially. What the process
>> is will probably vary from locale to locale.
>> -cyclista Nicholas
>> On 2019-08-08 19:03, Audrey Wiedemeier wrote:
>> > Hello All:
>> >
>> > We here at the Bike Library are very interested in getting a teen
>> > program started. We have identified five young adults that have been
>> > knocking on the door, and have agreed to help get a youth program off
>> > the ground.
>> >
>> > What insurance do you have? (We are with WestBend and they don't allow
>> > anyone under the age of 18 to volunteer).
>> > Do you have language that supports the youth program that you use for
>> > your insurance?
>> > Do you require background checks when working with minors?
>> >
>> > Any information you have on starting a teen bike program would be
>> > greatly appreciated.
>> >
>> > Thanks much, y'all.
>> >
>> > Peace & grease,
>> >
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Sarah Duby FioRito
Youth Bike Club Coordinator,Facilitator, Mechanic
Please note my office hours are during the daytime on Tuesdays  :)
Pedal Energy Development Alternatives (PEDAL)
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