[TheThinkTank] Working Bikes Bike!Bike! Workshop Idea

Devon Snyder devon at workingbikes.org
Sat Aug 31 14:22:09 PDT 2019

Hi Bike Community!

Working Bikes is going to be out in full force at the upcoming Bike!Bike!
in October. We are interested in putting together a panel discussion on
local donation programs. Specially, we are hoping to have a conversation
with other shops that have local donation models that differ from our own.
At WB, we work directly with social service orgs, schools, community
groups, and special events when coordinating our local donations. So, if
you have an earn-a-bike program or a local donation program that is set-up
differently and are going to be at B!B!, let us know! We would love to
coordinate a discussion to present at the conference.

Feel free to email me directly or give us a call!
devon at workingbikes.org | 773-657-8419

Thanks everyone!

Devon Snyder
Community Engagement Manager, Working Bikes

*Devon Snyder, Community Engagement Manager, Working Bikes*
*2434 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60608*
*Pronouns: She/Her/Hers*
*devon at workingbikes.org <devon at workingbikes.org>*
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