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Luis Fernandez luis at casildo.com
Fri Dec 6 16:02:15 PST 2019


Great topic!

One of our staff members made a really nice one that works well for us.
Has a web interface so people can choose their own shifts and we can get an
overview of who’s hosting when.

During our monthly staff meetings, we’ll all open it and sign up for shifts
on the spot from our phones.

It's on his github github.com/zhirschtritt

I chatted with him and he says although it’s not quite yet self explanatory
to set up for a new shop he’s willing to help other bike kitchens set it up.

Somerville bike kitchen

On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 21:09 Gabriel Trainer <getrainer at bikefarm.org>

> Hello,
> Bike Farm is looking to keep an ongoing monthly shift calendar to keep
> track of who has signed up for a volunteer shift and which shifts need
> help. It would need to be viewable and editable by anyone. Does anyone know
> of something besides Google spreadsheets or calendar that would work for
> this purpose?
> Thanks for the help,
> Gabriel
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