[TheThinkTank] Pedal powered machine designs?

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Hello Carlyn,

Dong Ngo's Cycling Pals has a bike blender.  We bring it to elementary
schools when we do Saturday-morning bike events.  The events include
repairs, safety / skills course, and healthy snacks including fruit /
veggie smoothies from the blender.  It's based on a small-to-medium-frame
MTB, so most of the bigger kids (who are more likely to develop enough
power) can run the blender.  The kids (and parents) love to blend their own
smoothies, and it's a great part of the events.

I've never dealt with other bike blenders, but it seems like they are
fairly common and not too difficult to make!


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> Buenos dias, Think Tankers!
> It's been awhile since I've chatted with y'all, but this really seemed
> like the place to go to ask my question of the day. =) Do any of you have a
> design for a kid-friendly/interactive machine made from bike parts? I'm
> thinkin anything from a marble machine to a pedal powered machine that
> throws water balloons. We do have a few fun things here already, but I was
> tryna look online to beef up our outreach game, especially for engaging
> youth. Please let me know if your spot has cool machines you love to bring
> to outreach events!
> Gracias,
> ~Car
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