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I am with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Exchange. We have an explicit conflict
of interest policy designed to prevent volunteers at any level from
profiting from their volunteer activities.  Removing the incentive of
personal financial gain helps to see that volunteers are taking more
responsibility for the right reasons.

Our shop leadership is mostly self-selected volunteers who show up at our
steering committee meetings that happen every other month. From this
additional time commitment and willingness to take action items it quickly
becomes evident who is a committed and trusted volunteer.

Responsible leaders are developed, not born. You should be taking steps to
meet and get to know the volunteers to decide which ones you trust.
Remember their names. Make them feel welcome, continually remind them of
your shop’s goals and organizing principles. Invite them to incrementally
assume more responsibility.

I got drawn into a leadership role at my shop when I observed how hard our
leader was working, and asked if there was something I could do to help
share the burden.
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