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Sat Dec 28 02:59:19 PST 2019

I can say I've left orgs that
 to be about:
Paid Staff
Founder's SynDrome

 not a lot of taking keys,
Attending Drinking meetings,
 Accepting action items,
 More hours,
more shifts
when slaving and
 then ego bashed
if not threatened
for my troubles...


On Thu, Dec 26, 2019, 17:55 Dennis Wollersheim <dewoller at gmail.com> wrote:

> our organisation is having difficulty cultivating trusted volunteers.
> Our mission and circumstances is very appealling, so we attract many new
> volunteers, but we have a dearth of people transitioning to trusted
> volunteer status.
> Also, the allure of personal gain trends to attract problematic,
> opportunistic types, to the leadership position,although this may be a
> peculiarly Australian problem given our convict/colonist background.
> I understand that not everyone takes up the vocation, it is a choice with
> what one does with their spare time.
> What are the circumstances / structure that your organisation has to
> support your lead volunteers?
> On a personal note, what prompted to to take up the mantle of leadership?
> What keeps you doing it?
> Thanks
> Dennis
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