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Cyclista Nicholas cyclista at inventati.org
Fri Feb 8 00:15:57 PST 2019

We don't have levels at all. All volunteers are presented with a variety 
of possible tasks and do whatever they feel like, whenever they feel 
like doing it. The way in which they do it does have specific 
requirements, though.

Some of our volunteers become regulars and come by the shop several 
times each week, We just try to make the shop fun and to keep the shop's 
systems streamlined and intuitive enough that it isn't frustrating to be 
there or get work done.

We're constantly trying to imagine perks for higher levels of 
participation, but it's tough to fend off the spandies who would only be 
working because they get a QBP discount. In the past when we've had 
systems like that in place, I found that kind of incentive really didn't 
lead to engagement with the ideals of the space on the part of those 
volunteers, they showed up but they really only wanted the parts and 

One thing we do is allow regular volunteers used parts free of cost, 
they can just take whatever they want within reason. Generally 
participants are required to leave a pay-what-they-want donation for any 
parts they use or take.

I'm always torn about the reward system, I think the place itself should 
be the reward. Obviously the setup has to be hassle free and super fun 
in order for that to even have a chance of working.

cyclista Nicholas

On 2019-02-07 00:02, Judith Feist wrote:
> Hi All!
> I just would like to inquire what types of levels of volunteers 
> everyone
> has at their organizations? What is asked of each level of volunteer? 
> What
> privileges are given to each level of volunteer?
> Greatly appreciated.
> Ride one.
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