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In thinking this through some years ago and trying to think what kind of
operation we were kind of like we came up with a volunteer run community
radio and reached out to a local community radio station to get some
Troy Bike Rescue

On Feb 7, 2019 12:41 AM, "dave ellis" <enjoybikes at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,  I’ve reviewed the archive and done some digging and so far have
> come up empty.  I would like to hear from folks who found a balance between
> reality and actuarial tables to secure insurance for your operation that
> didn’t break your bank.  Our activities include fixing up and providing
> bikes to groups through partnerships like schools and civic orgs, providing
> instruction on fixing bikes, using volunteers to strip and sort, and
> selling a few bikes that are a bit more valuable.  It’s the last item that
> seems to cause the heartburn, although not our focus or primary goal, just
> helps keep the rent paid.  Apologies in advance if you’re tired of this
> topic, but feeling sidelined at the moment.  Thanks!
> dave @ Queen City Wheel House in Helena, MT
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