[TheThinkTank] Example of Nonprofit + Commercial Shop Synergy?

Gordon Hamachi gordon.hamachi at gmail.com
Sat Nov 30 16:19:01 PST 2019

My nonprofit gets old bikes, used parts and unsold merchandise given to us
by local bike shops. Evidently when customers purchase new bikes they ask
the bike shop to dispose of their old one.

Sometimes partially good merchandise comes as part of warranty returns. For
example, I got a high end Mavic road wheel set where the rear rim failed
but the front wheel and both hubs were fine.

Other times shops donate obsolete merchandise with limited value. For
example, I got some old rear hubs with power meters built in, that I have
not been able to sell on eBay, because the required receiver is not

Establishing and maintaining a good flow of items requires someone who is
friendly and outgoing.  Ideally, this contact person stops by regularly to
see if the bike shop has any donations available for our non-profit.

—Gordon Hamachi
Silicon Valley Bicycle Exchange
Palo Alto, California
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