[TheThinkTank] Tire disposal, future of tires?

mist at strans.org mist at strans.org
Sat Oct 12 09:11:31 PDT 2019

Tires might be the one bike item
typically destined for the landfill.

They are likely toxic, and should not
be reused. (maybe repaired, maybe light
re use). Schools, for instance, are
rethinking the mulching of tires for
playground fall areas.

Let's rethink bike tires!

from a 2016 article:

"First off, Continental Tires reports they’ve
managed to construct and have successfully tested
the first-ever set of tires in which the tread
is made from 100 percent dandelion natural rubber
used as a polymer. That’s right – dandelions –
the scourge of a million lawns.

The official name for the substance is Taraxagum,
and it was developed in conjunction with the
The Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology
and Applied Ecology, Julius Kuehn-Institute, and
EKUSA, Continental says it could put dandelion-based
tires into production within the next five to 10 years."



Grips can be cork, housing can be metal, seats leather,
and all sorts of other non/less toxic materials.

Heck, we have a dream to 'grow our own bicycles' here on
our free cycles property, fitting with a theme of permaculture.

Bob Giordano, director, free cycles missoula
missoula institute for sustainable transportation

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